Side Gigs


My heart aches just writing this post. Stockholm is filled to the brim with people who I love and miss. We visited our sister office to work for a week and see the city we'd heard so much about. Our dear friend Leanne let us stay in her adorable, little studio apartment. 3 sometimes 4 of us slept on her floor for 10 days, and it was heaven.

One beautiful sunny day, we took a long, meandering hike on Södra Grinda. On a small island, you can just loose yourself, not follow the trains, not worry...I was lost in my childhood fairyland dreams.

Speaking of childhood, we went to the amusement park Gröna Lund and wow, I forgot what childhood felt like until that moment. The overwhelming of feelings of being happy, and distracted, and hungry, and scared, and so happy your face hurts from smiling and the tears are running down your cheeks. What a rush!