About Flo


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What I do...

I work with user experiences and user interfaces. My tools include Sketch 3, Marvel, Adobe Suite, Invision, Axure, Keynote (for simple animations), Principle and enough HTML and CSS to speak with my very competent dev team.

A few things I care about...

Teamwork: an actively participating, diversely skilled team can drastically affect the direction (and success) of a project. Getting different minds together at the beginning of a project is how we avoid big messes down the road.

Clients: treating a client as a team member creates trust and understanding. Trust gives you freedom to push in more daring directions, and understanding helps you to support your client in the challenges they may be facing. As a team, you become one another's greatest allies.

Honesty: is the secret ingredient to all things good. Acting as though we know something we don't understand is a waste of time. Admitting that we might not have every answer, but together we can find the answer, that is how trust and teams are made.