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Bow to the Thumb — Rethinking Navigation for Bigger Screens in 2018

In one hand you hold your coffee, in the other, you shop for a graduation gift for your brother. Your thumb cranks up to the top left corner of the screen and *splash*. The phone takes a dive and becomes the porcelain throne’s next victim.

Top navigations on large screens are phone killers.


Reworking the Product Page 7 Ways for Mobile eCommerce Websites

The reality is, the average visitor is only going to spend 15 seconds on your product page. So yes, this page needs to provide all the imagery and variant options, product details and brand values, without distracting your already distracted customer from taking action — but it also needs to delight.


Our Top 15 Referenced Ecommerce Sites of 2018

These 15 brands have earned respect from our design team for inspiring our clients and our designers to push for more cohesive…


Critique is Critical — 5 Ways to Get Better at Accepting and Applying Design Feedback

I’m all too familiar with the prickly monster that explodes out your eyeballs when you’ve been working on a design for three days and someone says anything other than, “Wow!” Some may call that knee jerk defensiveness ‘creative passion’, but the truth is, without fostering your ability to receive feedback graciously, you’re limiting your path to improvement and success. Not to worry, you’re not alone.


Get Audited! Why UX Audits are an ideal way to kickoff your next eCommerce project.

Whether you’re new to BVAccel or an old friend, if you are planning on making improvements across multiple touch points on your site, a UX audit is a good place to start.