Building the Single largest Recovery Archive In the Nation

why we did it

THe Problem

My role: Within a small budget, create high fidelity wireframes and UI to help the team reframe this web app for their expanding user base.

We took a tool only used by internal recovery organizations and re-purposed it to be used by everyone. From highschool friends and parents, to recovering teens and adults. We had to simplify, consider how to help everyone benefit and contribute to the recovery community.


Working with atomic design


Challenges and Benefits

Though having a small budget was one of the challenges for this project, it also presented itself as an opportunity, allowing me to work on an extremely small and efficient team. I set up my Sketch file up to mirror the Pattern Lab set up by our developer which allowed us to speak in similar terms and made creating a comprehensive style guide and handing off assets nearly painless.

It also allowed me to design out the building blocks that would allow Capacitype to be built according to my design even after my time was used up.



Atoms include icons, logos, typography, color and any other element that is in its most basic form.


These elements begin putting atoms together. Combining icons, typography and color to create more complex units.