Improving the path to purchasing water filters, Filter Bundles and Filter Subscriptions

why we did it

THe Challenge

My role: With adopted UI design from DDB, I lead UX on this project: Content Inventory, Sketch Wireframes, Marvel Prototype

Frigidaire wanted to boost their subscription sign-ups and upsell users on water filter bundles. We looked at several areas of the site to see where we could improve the experience and messaging to achieve these sales based on site analytic.


Understanding the users


By looking through site analytics, we identified several key areas of improvement:

1. Improve the Water Filter Finder: The final results lacked detail and clear actions. We felt that was an opportunity to cross-sell and upsell.

2. Bring Water Filters onto Refrigerator Product Pages: We found the same number of users clicked'Where to Buy' on Refrigerator product pages as went into the main nav for 'Filters and Accessories.' We wanted to shorten that path to purchase.

3. Make Subscriptions Clearer: We improved language and value messaging around the Subscriptions and Savings.


Improving the filter finder

The former filter finder provided a dead-end result with no direct way to purchase or learn more about the recommended filter. Our improved filter finder experience brings the user to a prioritized recommendation that can be quickly added to the cart, as well as up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that are appropriate for the user's fridge model.


Upselling in the cart

We created an opportunity to subscribe within the cart confirmation modal and display available bundles or twin packs for the chosen filter. The user can then upgrade.


getting more subscription signups

The updated Subscription Modal helps the user understand the benefits and ease of signing up for a water filter subscription.

Clarifying what 'Subscriptions' are all about

Frigidaire's target demographic was women in their 30's. They are busy, balancing work and perhaps a family, caring about quality of food and water and looking for ways to make household upkeep easier. Subscriptions are a way to ensure that she doesn't have to worry about remembering to replace the water filters in the refrigerator. Frigidaire provides frequency options and discounts for their subscriptions. We worked to bring attention to these options while not complicating the checkout process. Below are some layouts we explored on the right-hand side of filter pages.


The Results

We saw a significant increase in upgraded water filter sales in the first months of our deploy. For reasons outside of our control, our relationship with Frigidaire ended before we could really dive into the success of our improvements and how we could continue to better this experience. Some of our improvements can still be found on frigidaire.com