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About this project

2018 was a whirlwind of optimizations and design refreshes. New on the MVMT site is: Navigation, Collection Filtering, Size Guides, Blog, Strap Guide, Shop All Pages & Cart Optimizations. Not to mention that MVMT’s product offerings have expanded into new categories (bracelets, sunglasses, necklaces and rings) and they’ve has had the most profitable year on record. This success lead to $100 million aquisition from Movado and an even brighter future.

After a year like this one you might think we’d all go take a nice vacation, but that’s just not our style. In 2019 we’re working on a complete rebuild of MVMT’s site and a holistic look at the brand’s evolution via usability studies, competitive analyses, focus groups and surveys.


Role: Lead UX/UI Designer

Tools: Sketch, Invision, Principle, Adobe Suite, Google Analytics, Lucky Orange, Optimizely

testing & iteration

We work in quick sprints and are continually improving MVMT's site. Lucky Orange provide heat maps and insight into user behaviors that then get baked into our designs and goals for the year. Our team balances on the edge of instinct, inspiration, and impact.

Though testing designs that eliminated required account creation before checkout, we were able to drastically decrease a 30% drop off. We tested three variations on the inline cart:

  1. Account Sign In/Creation Required

  2. Guest Checkout OR Account Sign In/Creation

  3. Guest Checkout by Default, collect email in Checkout Flow

We found that Option 2 had the highest number of customers continuing to check out and also collected more emails from customers, likely some chose to abandon within the checkout.